Digesting Light | January - March 2017 | the catacombs of VM23 Gallery Arnhem NL
photo-instable-electronics-video installation by Carel Lanters & Jeroen Huisman
"A light digesting installation''

In Digesting Light
Carel Lanters and Jeroen Huisman combined light projected black and white photo negatives with a set of instable analogue and digital video electronics.

This project was about the idea of digesting the gathered light from the immediate vicinity of the gallery, where the gallery cellar was seen as a kind of light-intestine.
Light was gathered with two CCTV surveillance cameras watching the intersection in front of the gallery, 24 hours a day, not to monitor people, but serving as ''light instruments'' that deliver raw video. In an improvised video studio, situated in the bombshelter-like gallery basement, old fashioned video cameras with instable electronics kneaded the gathered light-material to create a new interpretation of the light outside, day or night. Partly this was done real-time and partly with pre-recorded video and photography.

During the night the traffic passing by the gallery was photographed with black and white 35 mm film. The long exposures in the darkness led to irratic lines and dots, as a result of the moving car lights. The films were developed by hand.
The installation was devided in an underground and an above ground section. Above, the public could watch a hypnotizing vertical "doorway'' video projection, after entering a special prepared viewing room. This video was projected via a mirror from the basement, presenting an abstract mix of digested light sources.

Undergroud, the public entered a deep dark area with three video projections, three black and white 35 mm negative projections and several tuped TV monitors. The diverse cameras we used, some from the 1970's and 1980's, had specific electronic handicaps and malfunctions and delivered a triggering and pulsing interpretation of the light from outside. Every now and then camera's broke down or shifted extremely in colour reproduction, contrast and image synchronization.
An overview of the left part of the basement
real time street images in a distorted projection
Many thanks for lending their equipment or other bits and pieces; Reinier de Huu, Hendrik Stolle, Alco van der Marel, Mars Wellink, Ramon Eding and Arno Arts

© 2017 Jeroen Huisman. None of the photographs, writing and audiovisual content included on this website may be reproduced or used without the artist's permission. All rights reserved.


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