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October 17 - 26 2014 | orphanage of lost impressions v1.0 | installation | mobile photo archive and workstation for urban discovery, collecting, processing and on the spot exhibiting
second prize winner!

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Ten days of Art festival jury report:

''Jeroen Huisman shows his fascination with seeing the ordinary and he does this in a very inviting way. (...) The accessibility of the artist and the inventiveness of the installation system convinced the jury of its power.'


Orphanage of Lost Impressions (OLI) - a hybrid system of visualisations

During the Ten days of Art festival 2014 - The Discovery - visitors could experience 120 photographs that belong to my urban photo project Fragmented City Archive. I collect images during citywalks, concentrating on subjects most people walk by. The pictures found this way I consider ''orphans'', disconnected from their origin. OLI is their new home.

The Orphanage of Lost Impressions is meant to be able to act as an urban discoverer and to interact with its surroundings locally and process material on the spot. It is a mobile work station for the traveling and exploring artist, a photo archive, a transfer print unit, an analoque to digital to analoque reverser, a reflective negative replicator, a digital photo viewer, a video screen, a wifi access-point, a fm radio transmittor and a pop up exhibition space at the same time. Many curious visitors called it a cameleon and shapeshifter. They could experience photographs in different media and interactive situations. Children were confronted with the ''photo-negative'', mostly unknown to them.

You may be confused now, but OLI is not about technique, it is about the image and how we experience visual media in the ''real world''. All together I ask myself whether our brains need touchable material to observe and feel in order to be in sync with the natural world and ourselves. With OLI I try to reflect on the massive impact the revolution of visual electronic applications has on our daily life, with a clear preference for analogue media.

We live in a time of archive destruction. True books and printed media have less meaning. The ''screen'' however, in our telephones and other devices, seems to have conquered a direct relation with our eyes. We tend to see information from the screen as a part of reality, changing the way we interact with the world and how we experience it. ''Old school'' reality gets mixed up with its virtual version.

The Orphanage of Lost Impressions is build in a modular sence, so I can adjust it over time. This is version 1.0.

10 days of Art in Bergen
The Ten Days of Art festival in Bergen is an anual art event that attracts a steady stream of art lovers. Within a wide circle around the village of Bergen many artists present their work on all sorts of locations. Approximately 3000 visitors approached my Orphanage of Lost Impressions installation with great interest and curiosity, in the midst of three nice gardens, a temporary open air exhibition place called ''The Three Gardens''.
the orphanage of lost impressions wrapped in plastic against the rain...
the installation unpacked and switched on, right side
explaining sketch, right side
left side
front side
the wifi accesspoint - on the right: photo archive on dvd
photo: monique boogmans
cardboard negative holders on the left
photo: else huisman
experiencing the ''negative to positive analogue to digital to analogue converter''
photo: petra boogmans
photo: petra boogmans
prepaired polaroid
photographed groups become part of the orphanage of lost impressions installation
the orphanage under an improvised roof - rainy conditions...
transferprint unit
photo: else huisman
printing in process under a mild october sun
photo: else huisman
photo output on cotton ribbon, approx. 25 meter
the first orphanage of lost impressions output!
photo: else huisman
explaining the reflective negative replicator
reflective negative replicator
some reflective negatives from the archive, to be used in the ''reflective negative replicator''
negative made positive, smart phone method
photo: peter homan
the second prize
photo: thomas bovenboer
photo: astrid sas

The other winners:
First prize; Siegfried Kruger and Simone Prothmann - link >
Third prize; Artless Foundation - link >

Group exhibition location: "De Drie Tuinen", Notweg 18a Bergen The Netherlands
group expo artists; Hanneke Barendregt, Hubert Bijkerk, Tonny de Brouwer, Annelies Deutekom, Jeroen Huisman, Judith van Lunsen, Karel van Wijngaarden, Berry Zeemensch, Siet Zuyderland, Jose Gordijn, Jeannet Konst, Elsbeth Luinge, Ans Noordermeer, Marian Van Schagen-Holterman, Ellen Zwinkels

http://www.dekunst10daagse.nl >

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